Andrew Methven: Slow Chinese

With our first time ever foreign language speaking guest Andrew Methven we have recorded a very useful podcast centred on the following topics:

  • How did the Slow Chinese newsletter started
  • Was there a similar newsletter before
  • New vocabulary and how to recognise it
  • Evolution of 润 run — to run
  • Native speakers and their ways of learning new slang
  • Double benefit from the newsletter
  • Slow Chinese community and what is in there
  • Vocabulary downloads for Pleco
  • Slow Chinese Podcasts
  • Different personae in different languages
  • Feelings during translation vs. interpretation
  • Showing off your new knowledge
  • Next goals
  • 叶公好龙 — Mr. Ye loves the dragons

Music:  《虞兮嘆》闻人听書 “Sighing for Consort Yu” by Wenren Tingshu


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